Launched in 2019 as a forum for individuals looking to take their walk with God on the go. If you’re looking to deepen your relationship with God and to stay connected with God as you go through the hustles and bustles of life, this forum is for you. The purpose is to encourage you in your walk with God and to help you stay tuned to hearing His voice through the daily activities of life no matter where you are. This forum takes “in Him we live, move and have our being” to an exciting new level.

I enjoy learning about God as I go about my daily business as a mother or a professional woman, while pouring cereal for my kids or discussing medications with my patients. I still chuckle each time I remember how a visit to the soda machine turned to a message series for me. In fact I get messages from tomatoes, peppers, onions etc sometimes. It is amazing how God continually speaks to us when we take the time to listen!

In this blog, I share with you some of the insights I receive during my personal study or while going through everyday mundane activities. From talking about lessons I learned from a soda machine to discussing what ‘dish’ you’ll bring to the next ‘potluck’, the writings in this blog will help you see God in every aspect of your day to day life like never before.

I believe you will be blessed as you read each topic. Please feel free to share your comments and testimony.