Do you know within you that you have a deep desire to serve God in a specific way? You have a vision for your life and many anointed hands have been laid on you with prophecies about how you will impact your generation for God but you feel like you’re stuck doing something else?

Here’s a word to encourage you from 1 Kings 19:19-21 regarding the calling of Elisha.

(Please read the passage, read entire chapter for the full gist).

Elijah was a prophet of God who was running from King Ahab, discouraged that he was the only true prophet left, he cried out to God who assured him that there are 7000 others like him who He (God) had preserved and who have not bowed their heads to worship Baal, the idol of that time.

In the same text we are introduced to a farmer named Elisha who was busy  plowing the oxen in his field when Elijah walked by the field and laid his mantle on him. In those days, laying a mantle on someone is equivalent to passing on his ministry to Elisha. Elisha left everything immediately to follow Elijah. Read verses in 20-21 to see how Elisha liquidated his entire business and livelihood to become Elijah’s assistant. Elisha went on to do great things after Elijah was transported to heaven on a chariot of fire. Another interesting event but let’s get back to Elisha. You’re probably wondering like me why on earth a grown up man will leave everything he had acquired through hard labor to follow another individual in an instant. Ok, close your eyes for a moment and picture that happening to you. Makes no sense right? Right.

What I believe is that Elisha had probably been waiting for that moment all his life. He must have been one of the 7000 others that God told Elijah about. Those “who had never bowed down to Baal”. Elisha most likely knew what he was called to do and that plowing/farming was a temporary assignment. That’s why it was so easy for him (or so it seemed) to make a life altering decision in a split second, just like that. I believe he must have made that decision a long time prior. He knew exactly where he belonged and he was getting himself ready, waiting for the destiny to call his name. He was prepared and strategically positioned so that he will not miss the time and he didn’t. Those appointed moments do not come everyday.

At this point I pray for you that your preparation and opportunity/destiny moment will move at the same frequency so that you will not miss your timing in life.

So, dear friend, do you feel like getting up to go to work today or doing whatever you are doing today feels like another day on the farm.  You feel like you’re just plowing the field like Elisha, you feel like time is passing and you’re running out of time.  Please don’t be discouraged by what seems to be a delay or a waste of time. Don’t miss your preparation season. Don’t succumb to the enemy’s lie that your assignment has been given to someone else. Know that whatever stage of life you’re in, your supply is still needed in the Kingdom of God.

This season in your life is more important and productive than you could ever imagined, depending on how well you redeem the time. Be faithful and diligent where you are now. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. You are preparing to soar but remember that an airplane can only go as far as the fuel it has in its tank. Fill yourself up on the word, encourage yourself, dig your roots deeper in God, acquire more knowledge, get trained, certified, become an expert in that field (or whatever your case may be). Keep building yourself  and solidify your resolve, get more clarity for your vision. Believe me, that time will come when you wish you had made the best use of this season in your life if you don’t do it now. The truth is that you’ll not be able to come back to this time them. God is faithful. What He promised you will surely come to pass. I know it.

Keep plowing and preparing yourself so that  you will be ready to go when your ‘Elijah’ comes. When the time comes you will have a witness in your spirit (Rom. 8: 14), a witness surer and more tangible to you than everything you’ve been doing up until that time. A conviction strong enough for you to leave everything and pursue earnestly. You won’t be too fast or too slow (Ps. 32:8-9). You will know it’s what you’ve been waiting for. It will bring clarity rather than confusion to you. Oh I can see God doing great and mighty things in your life and through your hands. Don’t be deceived, don’t give up, don’t lose hope. For Elisha, he performed more miracles than Elijah did in his days. Talk about time redemption. Yes, it is possible.

I pray that wherever you are in your life today, your heart will be encouraged to seize the opportunity of this waiting period and that you will be fully ready to go when destiny calls your name.


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