Have you ever looked everywhere for something only to find it right in front of you?

I’ve had that experience more times than I care to admit. I remember growing up, my family always make sure someone else other than Yemisi (me) is holding the house key. Not because they don’t love or trust me, but because they want to get in the house within a reasonable amount of time after a late evening service in church or an outing. Ok you get the point, but don’t laugh at me. Well, the experience I’m sharing here happened to the ‘grown up’ me (yep). I guess some things don’t change. It’s a bit of a long read but I know you’ll enjoy it and gain some insights from it. As always, thanks for reading.

November 2017 – My daughter’s school had a field trip to the Casa Manana Theater in Fort Worth, TX and as with any parent I was eager to be there to watch the show along with my little girl. On the show day the place was packed full with no parking space. I guess most parents were there as well. I drove around for a while, found a remote parking lot, parked and get out of the car, and that’s when the saga started. I have no idea which direction the theater is. After two unsuccessful directions from strangers – one led me to a stinky horse barn, and with the other I found myself in the middle of an ongoing horse show. I would have loved to watch the show except that there’s another show I’m supposed to be watching with my daughter who is probably sitting with her teachers and classmates, feeling disappointed because her mother didn’t show up!

In desperation I turned to my phone GPS for walking direction. It was otherwise successful except that it led me to an RV parking lot next to the venue but I will either have to jump a high fence or break the wall to get in because the fence is between me and my desired destination. At this point, I’m frustrated, tired, feeling like I let my daughter down and all the other feelings that go with that. After another long walk in the cold, I finally made it to the show.

The show was half-way through but rest of the show was fun. After the show I escorted my daughter to her school bus in front of the building, wondering all along how on earth I will get back to my car without going through that hassle again. Then, as I stood in the cold air wondering if there’s a faster way back to the parking lot, I looked behind me and there was my car on the 3rd level of a parking lot right across from the venue! I blinked twice wondering if it was a joke or something. Just few steps from me, I see a short staircase that appears to be connected to the lot. Skeptical at first but I decided to take my chances, considering the alternative.

No kidding, there it is at the top of the stair, my car staring at me. With mixed emotions I got in the car. I felt relief, curiosity and anger rushing through my brain all at once. How come I didn’t see the staircase? Why didn’t someone put a simple sign or direction at the parking lot?! Then comes the jaw-dropping moment. I look through my rear-view mirror and there it is. A sign staring at me as if it was placed there to mock me. It reads “stair case to Casa Manana”. Maybe someone put it there after I parked my car. Surely, there’s no way I could have missed that sign! After few moments of this nonproductive monologue, I came to my senses. Of course the sign was there all along I was just too much in a hurry to pay attention to the direction I needed to get to my destination.

Later that night, the playback of that trip ran through my mind with this invaluable lesson.

Sometimes in life, a two minute journey may end up taking hours or days, requiring a lot more effort and energy all because you didn’t pay attention to the sign in front of you or you consulted everyone except the True Guide who knows the right path to get you to your destination on time. To top it off is the frustration of missing half of ‘the show’ of your life despite all the time and effort you put into getting there on time.

You see, it is not enough to ask God for direction. You must wait for His lead because it is possible to get lost in a familiar territory if you fail to see the sign right in front of you. As I always tell my little kids: Don’t just ask for help, wait for help. You may be at a cross-road and life seems like it’s moving in circle for you. You’re finding yourself in stinky situations or places while you’re trying to find the path to your destination. You feel like you’re in a familiar territory, you see your desired destination but you can’t see the clear path to get to it or you have barriers standing in your way that are impossible for you to move or climb over on your own.

Well, don’t lose hope. God is able to show you the best pathway for your life (Ps. 32:8). With Him as your guide you can scale any wall. Although it may look like you’ve missed half of the show and many people you started out with have gone far ahead of you, it is not over for you. You may be wondering if you’ll ever catch up or meet up with your dreams. Don’t be dismayed. God is able to bring you up to speed and restore all that you thought was lost. It’s never too late to ask Him for direction. He will gladly ‘shepherd’ you, but you must ask and trust that He loves you enough to show you the way.

So, my dear friend, don’t just ask for His help, wait for His help.

Scriptures: 2 Sam. 22:30, Ps 23:1, Prov. 3:5-6, Prov. 19:21

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