Few years ago I had a dream where I saw a group of people sitting in a dark empty room that looked like a warehouse. Everyone sat on bare floor as if in chains, looking down awaiting their fate, not knowing what will become of them.

I remember that during that time in my life I was praying for God’s light to illuminate my life. I had many questions and I was searching for answers. Sometimes I didn’t even know what question to ask. Do you know that any area of sadness, confusion, or dissatisfaction in your life is your dark spot? You may have light and freedom in all other areas of life but there are still some areas that seem dark to you and each time you remember them your ‘joy balloon’ gets deflated.

Well, I think you’ll like to know what happened next in my dream.

I saw a big bright light penetrating that darkness. At first it looked like a small glimpse of light, but it grew brighter and brighter until it became a big bright light. Then, I see the people gradually lifting up their heads one by one, and one after the other they got up on their feet, slowly approaching the light into their freedom.

When I woke up from that dream these Bible verses came to my mind: Matthew 4:16, Isaiah 9:1-2, Isaiah 60:1, Luke 1:79, Luke 2: 32. “The people that sat in darkness have seen the great light”. Shortly after this I began to see God’s illuminating light in my life. It’s like Paul prayed that the eyes of our understanding be flooded with light. Another scripture says that the entrance of God’s word brings light and understanding to the simple. I started getting answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. Areas of confusion turned to clarity for me and I began to see clearly things that I couldn’t see before.

I want you to know that the divine illumination is freely made available to you by God. He will show you what to do, how, when and where to do those things that currently look impossible for you. You can invite God’s light to any dark spots in your life. Just ask Him and watch how your darkness begins to turn to light.  Don’t be shy or afraid to ask for divine clarity. He already knows. You will receive the comprehensive insight into the ways and purposes of God (that is Wisdom).  Have a deLIGHTful day!


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