When things don’t lineup the way you think it should be, don’t let it stop you from living the life you’ve been given. Things will not always be perfect or be exactly how you imagined or pictured it to be, but in the middle of that messy and imperfect situation you can still live life to the fullest.

There is more to your life than what is going well or not going well at a particular time or season of life. There are many areas to your life. One area may not be as glamorous as you want, but that doesn’t mean all the other areas should suffer. While waiting for things to perfectly line up for you or waiting for a change that may or may not come, turn your time of waiting into an opportunity to enjoy and be fulfilled in other areas of your life. Don’t allow the displeasure from one area to deprive you of the joy from other areas that are going well. Despite how you feel, time will pass but you must decide what you’ll get out of your waiting period.

For example, things may not be going well at your job, but you may have a beautiful family/friends that love you. Take time to enjoy that. Know this, there is a plan for every time of your life. Make the best of what you have been given today.

You can turn your lemons into lemonade. Lemon may taste sour by itself but it is still the main ingredient in lemonade. When you add the sugar and other ingredients to lemon, you come up with something tasteful and enjoyable. Note that you cannot change the lemon from what it is or what it tastes like, but after you’ve added some spice and other ingredients to it, it turns from sour to delicious.

So my friend, what is that thing that you use to do and enjoy? Those things that always put a smile on your face that you have neglected and forgotten? That dream you once lived for, the projects you’ve abandoned? I encourage you to go and find your spice, sugar, sweetener or whatever it is that you need to add to your lemon today and get going on your lemonade-making journey. There is a greater life for you to live that you haven’t discovered yet. Abundant life is waiting for you. Don’t wait. Go! Enjoy!

Scriptures: Eccl. 3:11-14; Rom. 8:28; John 10:10b

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